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...icons on the go.

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EXPRESS_ICONS - This is an icon journal owned and operated by sleepingchild. It is 100% public, so there's no need to ask me to add you. I will most likely add you back anyway, though, if you do decide to add me. And of course, I have a few rules/regulations/stipulations/whatever:

  • I do not do requests. I just do not have enough time to customize hundreds of icons. However, if I'm bored and have some time on my hands, I will post a little message saying I'll take the next 5 requests, but that's not very open. I'm always open to suggestions of a set/subject I should do.

  • Please, please, credit my user name (express_icons) in the keywords of the icon you use. It's more of a way of advertising, really; I know I didn't make the original image/movie/etc, but I would like other people to know I exsist amongst the millions of icon makers out there. O.o;; That's all require!

  • While it's not required, if you would kindly comment in the entry as to which icon you are taking, I would love you. I just like to know which icons are more popular, and am generally curious. ^^

  • If you would like to affiliate this journal, please, comment! I am always looking for affiliates!

AFFILIATES - pixelminx; mtrlgicons; anxiety_icons;